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Powerful Portable Powerbank With Wireless Charger



Power Bank with Qi Standards wireless charger for the newest iPhones and for Samsung and other phones with Qi-compatible wireless charger. The power bank makes it easy to charge anywhere up to 100% of your phone battery more than enough to continue to use the phone which gives you the true meaning of cordless wireless charging.

The Powerbank is a powerful Lithium-Ion battery that stores the power and can last for up to 7 days for an incremental recharge as needed. The power indicator shows how much power left in the power bank. the built-in battery has 10,000 mAh capacity and can be recharged via any USB port.

The power bank also has a dual USB outlet and the micro USB Connector to charge your non-wireless gadgets simultaneously while charging the wireless phone on the top. A multi-tasker charger is a must for those who love there the gadget to work anywhere.


    • Power Bank with Qi Wireless Charger built-in.
    • Also, it has DUAL USB and a micro USB port for charging other gadgets.
    • 10,000 mAh lithium-ion battery rechargeable and reusable.
    • Matte Finish easily to carry in a bag.
    • Incremental recharge via ON/OFF button to last for up to 7 days of stored power.
    • Provides up to 100% charge for mobile phones and up to 50% recharge for iPad and tablets via USB port.
    • Comes with charging cable to recharge the power bank.

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